Where required, Awake in the Dream can provide professional, tour grade PA, and production gear.

BFD DR 250 line array boxes

Awake in the Dream - Production Profile 




Production Profile 



Top Boxes- 2/4 BFD DR250 line array horn loaded mid/high cabs, neo B&C loaded, with modular high frequency array. 

Low/mid- 2 front loaded 18’s,
horn vented low-mid boxes.

Subs-  2/4 BFD TUBA 30, eminence loaded, large format horn. 


Monitors - JBL & several powered boxes


Power - QSC & Crown


Console - Presonus StudioLive 16-4-2


Mics - Sennheiser 835, 845, SM 58, SM 57, Beta 52, Audix, Condenser & D2 , misc condenser and various